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If you don't have a paypal account or a credit card payment , "Bank transfer payment" is perfect. There are a few days to wait before you get the payment to be seen and therefore also between the end of the order and the ship of the products by our , we need to wait a few days. For more information about this payment contact us at :

We advice the customers that chose payment with bank transfer , to send at this address: a copy of the transaction to get a fast service in shipments. We also inform you that if we don't receive any information within 2 working days, the order by bank transfer will be consider failed.
PayPal helps protect buyers, sellers & businesses by providing more secure payment services.

If you have an account, you can use this type of payment. Once the order you'll be automatically entered on the secure PayPal page that will handle the transaction independently and in complete security, privacy and data integrity.
Immediately and Fast. If you dont' have an account Paypal you can use this method to pay by Paypal with your credit card without open account. Paypal accept VISA,MASTERCARD,AMERICAN EXPRESS and other kind of credit card according to Paypal policy. If Paypal does not guarantee for the payment ,order will be blocked till communication even if payment has been successfully.

Available card are Visa Electron, Maestro, Cirrus, Mastercard and American Express.
Important Note :
When you pay through Paypal, we as sellers must ship to your address generated by Paypal for our financial protection and yours. Asking a seller to ship to an alternate address is a hassle. Cause we as the seller no longer have any protection against a fraudulent transaction.
The solution:
You can have up to 9 "gift" addresses in your PayPal account. Add your work address, college student address, friends, family etc. Then when you pay online for something with Paypal, simply select that address from your list during the payment process (edit address link is there) . Then the seller gets a good address, generated by Paypal and no questions or special instructions are needed.
Country of shipping : Italy

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